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In Love we trust

Why starting a new web page about love and spirituality? And why do we feel so unsure when it comes to gay love, faith and religion?

di , Gay.tv, 19 luglio 2004

Translation by Eddie Polico

Love exists thanks to those who love

Love is the answer to personal and sometimes unaccountable urges, and yet essential and unavoidable. It shuns any attempt to control it, but it is however inextricably linked with our person: it ony exsists when two people, relating to their needs and their unique background, make it possible.

Kinds of love

Love can be as varied as the people who dwell on this planet, people made by flesh, blood and soul.
For this reason love does not know any boundaries imposed by health, culture, sex… On the contrary – sex, culture and health give shape to the way we love. That is why we learn about wonderful relationships between our grandparents, our parents, two gay friends of ours, or between a Turkish transgender friend and his/her manager in New York…

Love and sexuality

As we well know from studies on psyche, love and sexuality are inextricably linked, this being the most complete expression of either love or sex themselves. Sexuality “exerts an influence on all the aspects of a person in his/her body and soul. It concerns in particular affection, the capability to love and to procreate, and, more in general, the aptitude to estabilish relationships with others.

Love and experience

Don’t we all know that love brings along opposite experiences? It is joy and sorrow, anxiety and peace. It sometimes brakes law, needing a law to protect it all the same. It asks for no one’s approval, but, in order to be lived at its fullest, it demands to be shared only with those who are dear to us. To these love ordinary complexities we ought to sum up the complexity of faith. Is for believers loving a partner – and letting him-/herself be loved by the other partener – a way to love God and to discover God’s love?

Love and spirituality

With the web page “In Love We Trust” we intend to set aside some space to think about the spiritual aspect of love and living together, because we believe spirituality helps us to better understand our experience as believers who love people of the same sex.

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